anthony guerra image: mr.snow at what is music? 2002


004 stern / guerra stitch electronics, field recordings, electric guitar recorded in london, december 2001 - june 2002
Stitch is a recording of bold fully detailed layers of sound produced from field recordings and guitar, though there are few times where the source of the audio can be clearly heard or understood. These improvisations are both dense and heavy while maintaining a fragile sense of weightlessness or even swinging equilibrium. Joel Stern & Anthony Guerra met in London in 2000 and started performing and recording regularly as an improvising duo. Their first works focussed mainly on densely textural drones . produced by the meshing of layered electric guitar tones with processed environmental field recordings. Although the basic working materials have remained relatively unchanged, recent Stern/Guerra recordings and performances have shown an increasing attention towards minute gestural detail framed within sparsely arranged, slow moving passages of abstract continuity. Stern & Guerra have previously released sound on the label twothousandand and have a track on the Touch compilation "Ringtones." what the reviewers have said