006 Arek Gulbenkoglu Points Alone Points Alone is the debut solo recording by Melbourne, Australia, based musician Arek Gulbenkoglu. The recording consists of five abstract compositions for acoustic and amplified wooden guitar which highlight the visceral sonic possibilities of wood and steel. The recording of Points Alone was carried out with the conception that the listener.s speakers would be the ultimate instrument themselves and as such this work is focused beyond the guitar itself and beyond the live improvised moment. Points Alone uses space and duration to distort the listener.s sense of time, the five untitled pieces unfold and recede in a subtle disequilibrium of sound shapes. Arek Gulbenkoglu is a musician that has been playing on the Australian scene for 8 years. He has played at numerous Australian experimental music festivals including regular performances at What is Music? as well as i.audio and theNownow. The duo of Adam Sussmann and Arek, in a strange twist, recently opened for Sonic Youth on the Canberra leg of their Australian tour. Arek has played with many of the musicians released on impermanent.recordings as well as local favourites Will Guthrie, Anthony Guerra, Robbie Avenaim, Joel Stern, and internationals Toshihiro Koike, Takefumi Naoshima, and Mattin. He has also released two records with Dworzec, the last of which came out on fine New Zealand label, metonymic. The release sits perfectly with the previous impermanent.recordings CDs and is perfect fodder for active listening.