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Pelt is a not-for-profit, artist-run gallery for emerging and established

artists that provides a space for practices that engage in the broad

area of sound and sound & visual practices. We envision this will closely

connect with contemporary practices, including sound art, DVD, new media,

installation and sculpture. The space will be made available for both

individual and group projects.


Pelt aims to create a forum for the critical discussion of sound and

visual practices and also plans to include publications of the work

exhibited with critical essays on the work and the field.


The gallery is approximately 97 square metres and has high ceilings,

large areas of wall space and concrete floors. The space itself will have

available an in-house PA and data projector, a unique situation for Sydney

based artist-run spaces. It will also hold the long running audio series

impermanent.audio and can also be made available to one off sound and new

media events.



Pelt is curated and directed by Peter Blamey, Caleb.K and William Noble.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the

Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.